Global Marketing Research Services Inc.

Dear Reader/User,

Global Marketing Research is proud to provide our Annual Media Comparison study for 2014. This research was geared towards the Marine Industry. The purpose of this study is to provide marketing departments with a comparative study of 40 print titles by cost per thousand and circulation so that they will be better equipped to make informed marketing decisions in this ever-changing print arena. While we provide data on 40 of the print titles in this industry, we make no assertion that these listed publications are a definitive listing. We invite any publication interested in being included in these annual studies to contact us for free inclusion. Substantial time and research has gone into providing an assurance of accuracy in all our findings.

We are grateful for the support of CPM Calculator ( as their online calculator for determining CPM (cost per thousand impressions in one ad unit) was used exclusively for our calculations. Funding for this project was also provided by CPM Calculator’s parent company, ranked as one of Inc. Magazine’s top 500 fastest growing companies for the past three years. Educating ad buyers is the cornerstone of their business model.

On behalf of Global Research and CPM Calculator we hope you will find this study beneficial.